8 Winter Fireplace Mantel Ideas to Celebrate the Beauty of the Season

The fireplace is the heart of the living room. Giving the best look of its mantel will make the winter and every moment you have merrier. You can give it an elegant or warm rustic look. Anyway, you will need many things to be prepared. Down below, we have prepared 8 best winter fireplace mantel ideas to help you celebrate the beauty of the season.

1. The Festive Regal Look

In this design, the contrast combination between gold, red and blue looks perfect against the dark wall. The two Nutcracker characters in red accent help the decoration looks pretty and festive. So does the lights that combined with red berries garland. After that, we get the round mirror—as the center—which is wrapped by gold garland. It gives the royal vibes on the entire decor. Lastly, you can put on some gold-brass candle holders near the mirror.


2. The Minimalist Mantel Decor

If you owning a modern-minimalist fireplace so that it doesn’t have a proper mantel, you can still decore it prettily. Make it as if it owns a mantel by hanging pine wreath with white berries above its firebox. Then, hanging some colorful knitted socks by simple brass to make the plain white brick wall jolly. For the final touch, hang a golden framed round mirror with snowflakes accent for the center.


3. The Greenery Forest Mantel

The greenery forest mantel design will keep your decoration simple but pretty. It has cute little pine trees out of bottle brush colored in grey and green. Then, there are two little brass boxes stacked on the corner which make the whole decoration gets the rustic yet elegant vibes. Don’t forget to hang a wreath over the mirror. It will be an additional point to make the decoration merrier.


4. The Color Pop Mantel Decor

The fresh and festive color pop will give pleasure to your eyes. It will make the whole winter merrier with the colorful pine trees. One group is made out of bottle brush and the other is made out of colored paper. Those adorbs petite pine trees look elegant combined with beautiful porcelains. Then, inserting a frame of fine family picture between the decoration will make it more meaningful.


5. The Whimsical Garlands

What’s more joyful rather than decoration full of twinkling lights? Yes, the colorful whimsical fireplace decoration! Moreover, you can make most of those cute ornament by yourself too. It’s DIY time! Let’s get creative by making the little pine trees from bottle brush and give it ombre color. After that, you can make the swan and deer garland out of cardboard. Then, color it in gold and white.


6. Full of Love Winter Decor

There is nothing more heartwarming rather than love, moreover in this winter. Let’s spread the toasty love from your fireplace by decorating it in a lovely red accent. The first eye-catching ornament is the deer in the wood combined with the red-candle-hut. Then, the hanging hearth shaped ornament is so beautiful and gives the lovey-dovey atmosphere. It can function as Christmas love letter hanger too.


7. The Graceful Vintage Decor

Experience the beauty of winter season regardless of the cold by this graceful mantel decoration. With the rustic angel wings on the left side and a vase of pretty baby breath on the right side. Then, in the middle, hangs a fine ancient mirror to give a strong yet beautiful look. Finally, wrap the edge of the mantel by greenery garland and faux-pearl ornament. Welcome to the vintage wonderland.


8. Elegant in Silver and White Decor

If you have dark walls, the combination of white and silver will be a great idea. It gives an elegant and royal look to your fireplace. The key is on the silver garland with natural pines as the base that wraps around the mantel. It has some silver marble balls on it to give merrier vibes. Then, the faux pearl garland is super beautiful, hanging whimsically around it, giving the ultimate elegant touch.


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