8 Best Spring Backyard Landscape Ideas Everyone Must Love It

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There’s nothing better than chilling at the garden in the springtime. Spend your weekend break by enjoying tea or read a good book. It will be even better when we have a fine-looking backyard. A backyard with a certain theme, beautifully arranged flowers, and a bunch of boxwood topiary. Let’s take a look at the 8 best spring backyard landscape ideas we have prepared below to inspire you.

1. Yellow Pop Retro Backyard

Give your garden a pretty retro look to make your spring even brighter. Here, you can build a DIY fire pit out of brick; pilling up the brick in a circle, these fellas can hold steady enough without mortar. Then, get some metal patio chairs and hit it with bright yellow. Arrange it around the pit and decorated it by floral and strips pillows. For the last step, place some pretty bucket greenery and flower around the garden.


2. Wooden Deck Backyard

In this design, we divide the small space of your backyard into two areas. The first one is the patio area with a nice wooden deck and grey outdoor sofa. It gives a natural and extra relaxing vibe for the backyard. The second one is the fire pit area with peblle stones floor. Here, you can place either concrete or metal fire pit bowls and surround it with log stools.


3. Backyard Pergola Entertaining Space

If you have a pretty big space, you can install a beautiful pergola. Place it at the corner of the yard so you will have enough sod space. Once the pergola up, you can add a paver patio and custom setting. Our taste right now is on the white and camel, such a perfect natural color. For the final touch, add some topiaries in the area.


4. Small Garden Design

You can still own a lovely garden despite the small space of your backyard. Give your backyard a square concrete pavers patio. But, leave a small plot of ground to plant topiaries and small trees. Set up a slab table and chairs at the end of the space. Finally, decorated it with some white guelder rose flowers.


5. Small Pergola in the Backyard

You can still have a beautiful pergola even you have limited space in the yard. Place it in the middle of the yard and surround it with grass. Make the pergola small but beautiful and useful with a solid paver patio floor. Let the vines grow on the pergola and add some pot of flowers. Place a couple of blue wooden armchairs and a white side table in the middle.


6. The Gate into Wonderland

A freestanding wooden arbor and concrete pathway is always a good idea. Like a beautiful and magical gate to go to the wonderland. Surround it with pretty flowers and greenery. The arbor can be built with standar lumber-just make sure it’s strong enough. Then, to vining plants, the arch of the roof can be lattice, lath or coveren with shade cloth.


7. Minimalist Victorian Garden

Gorgeous and luxurious victorian garden, but on budget and easy to be maintained. Build a round fountain with a modest jet fountain nozzle for the focal point. You can surround it with pretty windflower or perennial phlox flowers. Make sure the ground covered with the combination of square concrete paving with sod grass in it. Like other victorian gardens, have hedging as a beautiful natural fence is a must.


8. Mini Waterfall Garden

Get a pleasing view from your wooden deck patio by having a mini waterfall and pond in your backyard. Use various rock to make its outside structure; a few large and a few flats. And for the cascade, you can use a relatively flat spillway rock. Surround it with pretty greenery and some stone monk sculptures. Enjoy the ultimate relaxing garden in your springtime with the sound of gurgling water.


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