8 Minimalist Spring Backyard Ideas with a Seating Area that Make You Feel Relax

Had a rough day despite the presence of this beautiful spring? Just get into your garden and sit comfortably at your seating area. You can stare at the beauty of your garden to let the stress melt away. Wait, you don’t have one? It’s okay, we have some good minimalist seating area ideas you can copy below.

1. The Flamingo Set

Look at that sweet baby pink color! A minimalist set of a sofa, armchair, and coffee table. It is decorated nicely by a multicolor striped blanket and striped pillows. A perfect place to enjoy a glass of juice while reading a good book.


2. The Little Paradise

If you have a small space by the pool, you can make it into a nice patio with concrete paving. Make yourselves feel like on a vacation by setting a set of outdoor seating. Get the metal frame sofa and armchairs. Give it cushion with bright colors such as striped red and white.


3. The Bohemian Corner

Do you have no backyard but a rooftop? Don’t worry, you can still have nice backyard vibes by giving the floor a wooden deck. Build a pergola at the corner and place a sectional sofa under it. Since the place is quite small, it’s better to have some built-in flower planters. For the final touch, decorate your rooftop-backyard with a pretty rug and chandeliers.


4. The Wonderland

Here we have a seating area with a rattan loveseat and two armchairs. Meanwhile, a puffy ottoman is placed at the corner of the area. It has a gorgeous fabric shade to protect us from the bright sun. For the final touch, this area is decorated with pretty lanterns painted in baby blue.


5. The Toasty Corner

A seating area in a backyard is super cozy and relaxing. But, having a beautiful wood stove fireplace in it? It’s definitely a blessing. To get nice landscaping, build a wooden decking patio at the corner. Painted it in light grey and combine it with a set of sectional rattan sofa.


6. A Place for Two

Look at the pretty color of the wooden deck. Such a match with the rattan armchairs. Here, the armchairs are equipped with cozy cushions and colorful pillows. In the middle, there is a medium side table to place our snack and drinks.


7. Under the Pergola

A wooden pergola at the backyard definitely brings nature closer to us. To beautify it, build three concrete planters right after the pergola’s wall. Paint it in a nice navy color so it looks pop out. Finally, for the focal things, add two white-minimalist armchairs. Complete it with a small coffee table between them.


8. The Shabby-Chic Rustic

Everybody loves the shabby chic look of rustic design. Since the main materials here are natural wood, everything looks calm, friendly, and inviting. There is a two-seating sofa made out of mahogany. The coffee table is so pretty with its rustic legs. And the stools, you never imagine that natural log wood can be this beautiful, right?


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