8 RV Decorating Tips to Make You Feel At Home

Having vacation with exploring your own country is fun. Then, if you’re field tripping with an RV, you can stop and relax every once in a while. What’s better than relaxing in the homey environment you knew. So, are your ready “bring” your home with you?

1. Bright Farmhouse Setting

Shabby wooden chairs, several baskets and plants in cans is among the obligatory piece for a farmhouse setting. Next, pay attention to the type of flooring and choose chestnut colored wood in lifting up the atmosphere. source

2. Comfy and Spacey

Next, pay attention to the amount of space you have. Even the most comfortable and homey feeling can be created with the perfect furniture arrangements. source

3. Kitchen Decor

Third, consider with the type of kitchen that you need. If you plan on serving small dinner for your trip crew, installing simple stove is the choice. source

4. Lit up your Living Room

Let’s face a fact, you can finally feel at home only when you’re enjoying your surrounding. Create the space for warm evening conversations with the touch of small table and an artificial lit-up mantle. source

5. Chair Settings

Going out only with your spouse? Set up the romantic atmosphere with utilizing organic looks such as wooden floor and rattan chairs. source

6. Minimalist Living Room

Three main colors: black, white and wooden. Sometimes the most homey space is by utilizing the simplistic and practical modern looks. source

7. Storage is Crucial

One thing that will ensure the homey atmosphere is no clutter. You can utilize compartments section for your cereals and condiments. On the other hand, put the utensils in the shelves. source

8. Bedroom

Finally, after sorting out the seven things above, it is time to think about where you will sleep. Fun thing about RV is that you can get creative in maximizing space to your comfort. Usually, you can store your clothes, blankets or shoes underneath your bed. source

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