8 Best Exterior Ideas with Brick Walls to Increase Your Home Beauty

Brick is an important construction material. They are really popular since the older days till this current time. Its durability and beauty allows your house to have a sturdy house with a vintage and classy look. There are many models you can choose according to your need and taste. Below we have some brick exterior idea to take a look and steal!

1. The Clay Brick

Your home will be the envy of your neighbor once you painting your brick in beautiful gorgeous red-orange hue. It looks classy combined with white pillars and scarlet red doors. It complements by ornate exterior such as flower pots, greenery box, and pretty windows trim.


2. The Pretty Cottage

The smooth sandstone wall is looking all classy and elegant. It is pretty up by red clay brick for the front steps, fence, and pathways paving. The look is completed by gorgeous stained glass panels front door. On the fence, it gets two gorgeous outdoor lamps.


3. The Classic Red Brick House

A deep red hue looks flawless for a house exterior. It evokes an old school vibes of a house. The pretty red brick is combined by a dark-red Dutch door which can be opened a half. On the small porch, stand two permanent benches at each side.


4. The Chic White Brick

The right choice of paint will beautify your house. Here, the brick is painted in chic white. The look is also elevated by the tall-dark-brown window’s shutter and vintage glass door. For the final touch, there is a beautiful metal wall-lamp and a standing porch lamp.


5. The Lovely White

Get a modern farmhouse look by painting your brick exterior in white. The color of white will also provide you with clean and tidy looks. Beautify it by giving your door a pop-bold-color like this pretty blue. And for the window’s ornaments, make use of reclaimed wood stained in dusty black.


6. The German Smear

The German smear or also known as mortar smear is a popular technique that use mortar to paint the surface of the brick. The mortar is unevenly applied so it resulted in a shabby yet lovely looks. This sweet look is combined perfectly with white wooden window frames.


7. The Sturdy Concrete Brick

Concrete brick creates a geometric and modern look on the facade. It also has a graceful basket-woven pattern which is created by the use of small and large brick arrangement. The glass door stands elegantly and directly connected with the second-floor windows. Perfect for you who love a minimalist lifestyle.


8. The Coastal House

This coastal house owns the gorgeous brick exterior with whitewash finish. The red clay brick is covered by white or cream paint latex. For the roof, it is coated with black paint. The whitewash wall and black roof makes a great combination that results in a vintage-farmhouse-look.


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