8 Essential Elements for Planning A Cottage Garden for Your Garden Ideas

Having an amazing cottage garden perhaps is the best way to spend your summer, as we have long holiday with never ending sunshine and warmth. But, what’s the most important part about building a dream garden? For the confused you, we have prepared 8 essential elements for planning a cottage garden for your garden ideas. Thus, you don’t have to think for long time before start building your own!

1. Canopy for The Garden

Summer sure is a hot season. It’s the hottest months throughout the year, even! That’s why, you might need to consider about having shades or canopy in your garden. Although it’s not every day, but there are times where you just want to stay under the shadow, literally.


2. The Geometrical Aesthetic

The easiest way to get an artistic garden, is by achieving the geometric aesthetic. That is, you need to make a noticeable geometrical pattern in your garden. Not only practical, it also gives your guests optical illusion, that your garden looks tidier than it should be. Easy win!


3. Types of Plants in Your Yard

In order to get less messy gardening time, you need to plan about what kind of plants you want in your garden. Do you want it to have huge trees? Or is it enough with tiny or micro plants? Plant wisely, so when all of it grows, you won’t need to do extra trimming here and there!


4. Nuance of Your Garden

The types of your garden, surely influenced by what kind of influence you want to have in the yard. You can have it all, whether it’s the vintage style, southern aesthetic, anything! As long as you know the key point of each style, it’s easy! Oh, and also think about the color scheme! It will help you get the perfect garden!


5. How Much Plants You Can Manage?

Sure, plentiful flowers will look good in your garden. But, make sure that it’s still in your capacity. More flowers mean more work to do in summer. Thus, you need to be careful and don’t plant too much!


6. Pattern of The Garden

Pattern is another aesthetic goal you may achieve in your garden. It can’t happen automatically, of course. You need a good setup and planning, so it will grow the way you want it to be. Plan ahead before you start planting, and you’ll get the best result!


7. Material for The Decoration

Although it’s summer, you also need to take a note about the material of your decoration. Even so, the material of things in your garden. It depends on what kind of vibe of theme you want it to be. You can make a garden full of wood decoration. But, you can also make a classical Mediterranean garden as well!


8. Location of The Garden

Location of the garden is the biggest consideration you need to think of. Although you may have same layout, front or backyard will need different setting. So, make sure how’s the location of the garden. And you also need to consider the location for your house, too! Beach house will need different treatment from mountain cottage house!


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