8 Perfect Farmhouse Ideas for Outdoor Decoration

Farmhouse is a recurring style that currently sought after. This style will reminds you of the vintage film, also the comfortable side of grandmother’s house. You can get your inspiration from 8 perfect farmhouse ideas for outdoor decoration. Because, when you got an amazing farmhouse, it’s such a shame to not enjoy the view!

1. Hanging Sofa for Terrace

Hanging your own sofa for terrace area is another way to enjoy your farmhouse! With cozy hanging sofa, you can swing slowly whilst enjoying the view. You can also put a carpet of same tone and color in the terrace. So that the color scheme will look beautiful in your eyes.


2. Cozy Lounge Area

If you have wide terrace at your house, it will look good to change it into a lounge area. Take the lounge area as your second living room. That way, you can enjoy your garden with family. Then, on a nice evening, enjoy the outside view together.


3. Small Reading Area with Potted Flowers

Even the narrow terrace can hinder you from enjoying the outside view. For more comfort, place a sofa swing at terrace. Then, you can read your book comfortably and swinging lazily on sofa. This is a good way to enjoy the breeze.


4. Fireplace in Your Patio

It’s not weird anymore to have a outdoor or semi-outdoor fireplace. You can enjoy it with your family and spend a nice evening. Or else, you can just enjoy the view with a blazing fireplace to warm you up. This design is good for you who live in colder area.


5. Outdoor Living Room Setting

Outside of your house, you can easily make a small living room space at garden. Place a wooden platform and make a simple coffee table from the used wood. Then, put some chairs or sofa at your garden. Although it only works on sunny day, you can enjoy the good air better!


6. Bonfire Place with Sofa

Bonfire is not exclusive only for the grassy area. In fact, nowadays people start to make their own bonfire space on concrete flooring. Not only it will be easier to clean up, concrete flooring will make it cleaner, too! This way, you can enjoy the starry sky at night without having to be afraid of bugs!


7. Terrace Playground for Family

Playground can also be made at your terrace. The simple way to do it, is by placing some kids-friendly furniture, as well as decorate it with bright color! To make it suitable for kids, make sure to lessen the sharp edges. While your kids are playing, you can watch over them at the dining area!


8. Small Bonfire Corner

A nice evening will be well spent when you have the perfect bonfire. With homemade barbecue and your important people, it will be such a great night! Thus, with that kind of motivation, you can easily make your own small bonfire space at your backyard. Just make simple DIY bonfire place from bricks, then place chairs around it.


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