45 Best Farmhouse Exterior Designs to Inspire

Nowadays, farmhouse not only refers to building in rural setting, but it also refers to one kind of style for building. It’s a style that will remind you instantly to the primary residential building in a farm or rural area. Based on that, what’s the characteristics of farmhouse style? You can see it easily from 45 best farmhouse exterior designs to inspire your future house!

8 Essential Elements for Planning A Cottage Garden for Your Garden Ideas

Having an amazing cottage garden perhaps is the best way to spend your summer, as we have long holiday with never ending sunshine and warmth. But, what’s the most important part about building a dream garden? For the confused you, we have prepared 8 essential elements for planning a cottage garden for your garden ideas. Thus, you don’t have to think for long time before start building your own!

20 Most Beautiful Home Exterior Ideas with Natural Stones that Have Awesome Facades

We know you have seen many beautiful houses with a gorgeous exterior and secretly adore it. You might be thinking of renovating your exterior soon, then and make your dream house come true. Having a well build and designed facade will say a lot about your likes, choice, and personality. Yet, there is always one question that appears, what kind of material and style which you actually want?